If you had trouble creating an account and registering event details through Action Network, please read the User Guide for local event hosts. You can refer questions to onthetable@cbicharlotte.org, and we’ll be glad to assist you.

If you already registered your event details on Action Network through our Host Page, you do not need to complete this questionnaire.

Please complete the questionnaire if you wish to manage invites and RSVPs on your own for a privately-shared event. Perhaps you’ll be recruiting by word of mouth, or your organization has an internal process. We hope to support you however we can on October 25. Note that you’ll be responsible for:

  • Creating a sign-up system for participants. You will not receive a shareable RSVP link from us or Action Network.
  • Capturing guest email addresses for a survey about connection in our community. Please send the email addresses in an Excel or Google Sheets file to onthetable@cbicharlotte.org before midnight on October 25. (For smaller event hosts, a snapshot of a paper sign-in will do!) Paper surveys will be printable from our website.

Even if you previously completed a Host Commitment form, please register your event details on our Host Page or below.