What it looked like

On Wednesday October 25, we saw people of all ages from neighborhoods across the city modelling a behavior we often say we need more of. We smiled in the park, shook hands with strangers, talked to each about the most challenging issues facing our community, and shared those ideas with each over the course of the day.

We all made a decision to show up, and to attend to each other. We showed we already have what it takes to cultivate a network of common respect, where we value each other more than the physical and invisible barriers built to keep us apart.

What we believe

We believe in the power of connecting on a deeper level with those inside and outside our normal networks.

We believe that exchanging stories and ideas can fuel movements.

We believe that we, as neighbors, have what it takes to make Charlotte-Mecklenburg a better community.


On The Table CLT is part of Knight Foundation’s national replication of the On The Table civic engagement initiative pioneered by The Chicago Community Trust.